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Immunization Awareness

Posted on August 18, 2013 at 9:18 PM
Nurse Denise's Notes
Immunization Awareness
(photo site: www.vbparents.com)
Hope everyone is having a wonderful summer! This month at Take Care Community Outreach, Inc. we are focusing on the topic of Immunizations/ vaccinations. I know, I know...after checking our prostates, not something we want to discuss, but important just the same. 
There are many personal and religious beliefs that lead people to decide to immunize or not to immunize.  This blog will only serve as an educational tool at making that choice, not to change anyones views or beliefs. And as always, I'm using my Nursing knowledge 
along with the help of credited sources to spread the word! 
A vaccine contains weakened or dead versions of diseases or 
"antigens". When these antigens are introduced in low doses in a person with a healthy immune system, they help to create a resistance, or "antibodies" to that particular disease
Said differently, the immune system then produces the right antibodies to fight the antigen and in turn, a person will not experience the signs and symptoms of a disease when later exposed and properly vaccinated (FamilyDoctor.org).
(photo site: trailx.org)
Vaccines are most commonly given as injections, or shots in a large muscle (arm, or buttocks, thigh muscle in infants and toddlers) Some vaccines can be given as a nasal mist you inhale or a nasal swab, but are less common. 
In general vaccines are quite safe. The protection they provide outweigh the the small risk of any side effects. Now there are some people as with certain foods who may develop an allergy to certain vaccinations and can not receive them. 
Many older diseases such as measles, mumps and rubella are no longer seen today due to childhood vaccinations and adult booster shots.  (familydoctor.org)
Common side effects may include:
  • low grade fever
  • body aches
  • localized soreness at injection site. 
Many states require school age children be vaccinated prior to 
attending public schools, but as stated before, religious preference can override these rules, in turn exposing children to certain diseases that can make them ill.
The Center for Disease Control has recommended vaccination 
schedules according to age and developmental stages for children 0-18 years, and then adult "boosters."

Below are examples of previous vaccine schedules for children, teens and adults.  

To view updated vaccine schedules for 2013, please click on the schedule below to be directed to the CDC site.  On the site you can view and print easy to read schedules.  Schedules are also available in Spanish.
(photo cited: CDC.org)
Click the chart above to visit the CDC site to print vaccine schedules for 2013
Many childhood vaccinations will occur at birth while the neonate is still in the hospital, and continue throughout the the first few months. Adults will need certain boosters, or smaller doses to boost immunity as we age. Many adult ailments such as Diabetes, or Immune disorders many require extra boosters and vaccinations be given. It's very important to talk with your doctor about your specific needs. Adult charts for 2013 can be found on the CDC site as well.  Just click below.
(photo cited: CDC.org)
In conclusion, Take Care Community, its important to be educated on the healthcare options and choices available to us.  It's the start of a new school year, and I encourage us all to do our homework! 
Volunteer Take Care Community Outreach Nurse 
~Denise, RN,CEN

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